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At Willingham Law Firm, PC., our legal team has years of experience helping numerous clients throughout Texas. We have helped draft thousands of wills and trusts and have assisted clients through hundreds of probate cases. This has given us the knowledge and resources to assist you in creating a solid plan to help protect your future.

WG Title & Law wants to be your title and real estate settlement service provider. We not only service the McKinney area, but the entire state of Texas.

When it comes to one of the most important transactions of your life, we sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to!

By giving each of our customers’ closings the personal attention it needs, and by providing all of the people involved in the transaction with amazing service, we hope to earn your business for years to come!

Let us know how we can help make your real estate transaction a done deal.

At Willingham & Galvan, we provide you with the honest, compassionate, and dependable legal counsel you need when creating a plan that can protect your family, future, and finances. Not only do we focus on protecting your needs for the here and now, but we also assist with developing an adequate estate plan that can help protect the history that you are going to pass down to future generations.

Planning to protect your future and safeguard your posterity is not only a mandatory thing, but can become a way to reflect on your past, empower your family for the future, and provide for your family when you are no longer around to do so. Our McKinney estate planning attorneys treats you with personal care, simply because we recognize that an estate plan isn’t merely a legal document. It’s a way to protect your family’s ongoing legacy.

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